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Biological Resources and Studies

Picture of Oak TreeOur Background

Site Consulting, Inc. has been providing a variety of biological reports, studies
and management for developers and private property owners since 1992.

We work with landowners and government officials to evaluate and mitigate the effects of development on the biological resources found on properties. Our custom reports take into consideration the needs and budgets of landowners,
along with the requirements of local, state and federal laws, to produce effective mitigation plans for biological resources affected by development projects.
When required, mitigation monitoring is also provided.

Headquartered in Placerville, California - we service northern California.

• Biological Resource Studies

Documentation of biological resources found on project sites and assessment of the potential for sites to support threatened, rare and endangered species, as well as presence/absence surveys for sensitive plant and wildlife resources. Mitigation plans are included when special-status species or habitats are found on-site.

• Rare/Endangered Species Reports

Field assessment, determination and reporting.

Certification ISA Arborist Logo• Wetlands Delineations

Determination of boundaries and mapping of wetland features with reports written to US Army Corps of Engineers standards.

• Oak Tree Survey, Preservation and Replacement Plans

Oak canopy assessments and provision of detailed preservation and tree replacement plans, as required by county ordinances, to satisfy the requirements of the California Oak Woodlands Conservation Act of 2001.

• ISA Certified Arborist - Lic # WE-8335A

Consulting arborist providing information and reports about the health and vigor of
ornamental and native trees.